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Hooflex Magic Cushion

By Hooflex
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Size: 2 lbs

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Product Description

Hooflex Magic Cushion supports hooves in a number of ways, such as relieving sole bruising and post-trimming soreness, treating abscesses, and effectively fighting bacterial and fungal infections.

What is Hooflex Magic Cushion?
Magic Cushion® hoof packing supports hooves in several ways, such as including relief of sole bruising, post-trimming soreness, treating abscesses, and fighting bacterial and fungal infections in the hoof.
Who is Hooflex Magic Cushion for?
Why use Hooflex Magic Cushion?
Hooflex Magic Cushion reduces hoof pain and swelling, kills bacterial and fungal infections, provides relief from hoof concussion and trauma, and reduces unwanted heat in and around the hoof structure.
W F Young
Active Ingredients(s):
Turpentine 26.6%, Iodine 0.06%
How is Hooflex Magic Cushion sold?
2 lb Tub 4 lb Tub 8 lb Bucket 28 lb Bucket
What special precautions are there?
Do not apply to irritated skin. If excessive irritation develops, discontinue treatment. Avoid getting into eyes or mucous membranes.
What to do if overdose?
Contact your nearest emergency animal hospital
How can I store Hooflex Magic Cushion?
Store ion cool dry place
Helpful Tips:
Magic Cushion contains natural ingredients and can be used prior, during and after other competitions.

To Use:

  • Clean the hoof with a hoof pick and stiff brush.
  • Using an applicator, apply hoof packing in an amount sufficient to cover the entire sole and sulci of the frog ½ inch in depth.
  • For best results, cut a suitable shape from a brown paper bag or similar material. Wrap the foot to keep the hoof packing in place and allow the medication to be absorbed into the sole.
  • Hold in place with a wrap. Ensure there is adequate padding in place for protection and replace every 24 to 48 hours.

Main Ingredients
Active Ingredients
Turpentine 26.6%, Iodine 0.06%

Inactive Ingredients
Natural Leather Fiber, Rosin