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Corona Liquefied Hoof Dressing

By Corona
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Product Description
Corona Liquefied Hoof Dressing stays soft and creamy, even when cold, to protect the hoof from drying out, cracking and splitting.
What is Corona Liquefied Hoof Dressing?
Loaded with lanolin to preserve vital moisture balance, it helps maintain strength in coronet, wall, frog, sole, and heels. Corona Hoof Dressing spreads easily-even in deep crevices-with brush, hand, sponge or by pouring. Corona Hoof Dressing is excellent for hoof packs and in the treatment of quarter cracks.
Who is Corona Liquefied Hoof Dressing for?
Why use Corona Liquefied Hoof Dressing?
-Stays soft and creamy. -Protect the hoof from drying out, cracking, splitting.
How does Corona Liquefied Hoof Dressing work?
Protects hoofs against drying out, becoming cracked, split, brittle. Emolliency assists in natural, smooth re-growth of hoof horn cracks caused by dryness, hard or abrasive surfaces. Beneficial as a hoof pack and as an adjunct to the treatment of quarter calluses. Helpful in treatment of sole and stone bruises, hoof rot, scratches, and dew poisoning.
Active Ingredients(s):
Oxyquinoline 0.22% in a hydrous base of Lanolin (Wool Fat), Liquid Petroleum, Beeswax (Yellow Wax), Sodium Borate, Aromatics.
How is Corona Liquefied Hoof Dressing sold?
32 oz jar with applicator brush
What are the side effects of Corona Liquefied Hoof Dressing?
No side effects.
What special precautions are there?
In case of deep puncture wounds or other serious conditions, consult veterinarian. If condition persists, or if redness, irritation, or swelling continues, discontinue use and consult veterinarian. Keep out of reach of children.
What to do if overdose?
If overdose contact your nearest pet hospital immediately.
How can I store Corona Liquefied Hoof Dressing?
Store in a cool dry place.
Helpful Tips:
Mix well before using.
As a Routine Preventive Hoof Medicine: Cleanse hoof of debris and dirt. Apply Corona Hoof Dressing daily with hand, sponge, or short-bristle paint brush. To counteract hardness, help restore suppleness, frequently massage into coronet, Hoof wall, frog, sole and heels.
In Hoof Pack: Apply liberally, then saturate oakum or cotton packing with Corona Hoof Dressing.
As Treatment For Indicated Hoof Condition: Apply liberally with brush, sponge or hand, working into the area. Pour or “squeeze” with brush into deep, hard-to-reach crevices. Repeat as needed, cleansing before re-applying.
Main Ingredients
Oxyquinoline 0.22% in a hydrous base of Lanolin (Wool Fat), Liquid Petroleum, Beeswax (Yellow Wax), Sodium Borate, Aromatics.