Horse Care

Horse Care

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Whether you just have one special horse or you care for an entire string, the fact remains that equine health is a top priority in your life. After all, with proper care and plenty of love, horses can live incredibly long and happy lives. Since your horse’s quality of life plays such a critical role in your own, it’s important to find ways to meet his or her every need conveniently and affordably. When you shop at AKCRx, you’ll find all the horse health care products you could possibly need - and at the best prices to boot! With our wide selection of top-rated horse medication and other products, it’s easier than ever to give your horse the very best.

Shop at our online horse pharmacy for:

  • Horse Parasite Control - Since horses are prone to a variety of worm infections, regular deworming is an important element of any horse care regimen. We carry all the top vet-recommended dewormers to keep your horse healthy and happy.
  • Horse Pest Control - Horses are often affected by irritating and potentially painful insects - flies being the top offenders. Fly and pest control products are essential to have on hand in any barn, and our wide selection gives you plenty of effective options to choose from.
  • Horse Gut Health - Horses are known for their sensitive digestive systems, and stress can compound digestive issues in a hurry. Our gut health products are an excellent way to keep digestive problems in check.
  • Horse Ear & Eye Care - Horses are prone to eye and ear problems - especially when biting flies get involved. We carry all the eye and ear horse medicine your vet might recommend to resolve any problems as quickly as possible.
  • Horse Hoof Care - Horses’ hooves require their own complete care and maintenance regimen. With the daily work they’re subjected to, hooves can develop abscesses, laminitis, cracks, thrush, bruises, and more. Our wide selection of hoof care products is recommended by farriers, veterinarians, and horse lovers alike.
  • Horse Supplements - Just as important as any other horse medicine, supplements play a vital role in giving your horse a healthy, comfortable, and enjoyable life. We offer all the most well-liked equine supplements, so you can easily create a supplement regimen that’s tailored to your horse’s specific needs.

Horse Care FAQ

What Medications Do Horses Need Regularly?

In addition to regular deworming, there are several medications that horse owners should have on hand. In case of a wound, topical antiseptic is an excellent product to have on standby. Antibiotics are commonly used in horses to treat a variety of infection types. Because most horses live very active lifestyles, keeping anti-inflammatories and joint support medications handy is a good idea as well. Your vet will be happy to help you determine which other medications you should keep in stock in case of emergencies and which medications are particularly beneficial for your individual horse.

How Often Should Your Horse Get a Check Up?

Most healthy adult horses will just require annual veterinary check-ups. Foals will need to be seen as soon as possible after birth for a complete evaluation. Senior horses will likely require a few vet visits per year, since many health problems can start to affect horses as they age. Your veterinarian can help you come up with a care schedule that works well for you and your horse.

What Are the Best Supplements for Horses?

Like any other equine care product, supplement recommendations vary based on a number of factors that vary from horse to horse. Some horses might live on forage-rich properties, while others may be lacking in the nutrients such fields provide. Young horses and elderly horses have a greater need for supplemental support than their healthy, agile, full-grown adult counterparts. Many horse owners choose to administer a complete multivitamin supplement to supply antioxidants and beneficial vitamins and minerals. Probiotic supplements are another popular choice. Some horses might also benefit from joint or respiratory support supplements, while others might need help with stress relief or muscle building. Speak with your veterinarian to get a better understanding of your horse’s specific needs.

How Often Should a Horse Be Dewormed?

When it comes to deworming horses, a well-planned schedule is key. Deworming too early can be ineffective because developing worms wouldn’t be mature enough to become susceptible to the medication, but deworming too late can be problematic because the infesting worms may have already laid eggs. Most horse owners opt for a rotational deworming schedule, which calls for deworming 6 times per year. The exact month(s) and recommended products vary based on a number of factors, including herd size and geographic location.

How Does AKCRx Pharmacy Handle Horse Prescriptions?

Shopping at our online pharmacy is even easier than you might expect! When you get a prescription for your horse, simply find that item online and add it to your cart. When you’re done browsing our site for all your other horse care needs, proceed to checkout as you would on any other website. During the checkout process, we’ll request your veterinarian’s information so we can verify your horse’s prescription. Leave the rest to us! Your prescription will be in the mail in no time. We also accept prescriptions directly from veterinarians via email or fax, or you can personally mail the prescription to us if you so choose - whatever is easiest for you.