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When you have a cat, you know just how important it is to focus on your feline friend’s health. After all, your cat can’t speak for himself. It’s likely that you already have a well-thought-out cat care regimen, but did you know it’s actually surprisingly easy to get all the cat medicine, supplements, and other health care products you need at an affordable price - and from the comfort of your own home?! When you shop at AKCRx, you’ll be making a cost-effective and convenient choice. Our cat pharmacy carries all the top products from all your favorite brands, and we deliver them right to your door.

Shop at AKCRx for:

  • Cat Parasite Control - Parasites like roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms can be harmful to your precious cat. Dewormer is an important cat medicine because it prevents dangerous and tough-to-eliminate worm infections. We carry all the top-rated, most effective cat dewormers on the market.
  • Cat Gut Health - A vital part of cat care is making sure your kitty’s digestive health is in check. Digestive supplements and digestive cat medication can go a long way toward your cat’s overall health and happiness. You’ll find all the digestive aids you need right here at AKCRx.
  • Cat Ear & Eye Care - Whether you’re shopping for over-the-counter eye drops or a non-prescription ear cleanser, or your veterinarian has prescribed eye or ear medication for a specific problem, AKCRx offers all the best products to keep your cat’s ears and eyes in tip-top shape.
  • Cat Food & Treats - Chances are, as a cat lover, you understand just how picky certain cats can be. If you have a finicky feline, you’ll want to find all the healthiest, yet tastiest treats to meet your own high standards and your cat’s preferences. Your veterinarian might also prescribe a prescription diet, particularly if your cat is dealing with a specific medical condition. We’ve got all the best foods and treats to keep your cat as happy as she is healthy.
  • Cat Supplements - Much like the supplements you might take yourself, feline supplements can be incredibly beneficial to your cat’s overall wellness. Maybe you’ve been searching for a multivitamin or immune support supplement for their many health benefits, or perhaps you’re considering probiotics to maintain a healthy gut. Maybe your cat has a specific medical concern that might benefit from a liver, joint, urinary, or kidney support supplement. We have all the best supplements to promote a long and healthy life.

Cat Care FAQ 

Should I Brush My Cat`s Teeth?

Oral care plays a vital role in every cat’s life. While most cats aren’t keen on the idea of having their teeth brushed, it’s important to develop a routine that works well for you and your feline friend. For optimal dental hygiene, brushing your cat’s teeth daily would be ideal. However, if your schedule is too busy to allow for everyday brushing, 3 times per week is a good idea. The best time to start this regimen is when your cat is a kitten because they’ll get used to it at a young age. However, this isn’t always possible, as many cats are adopted or rehomed later in life. Use toothpaste and toothbrush made specifically for cats, and work up to a more thorough brushing as your cat gets used to the routine.

Do I Need To Clean My Cat’s Ears?

For most cats, ear cleaning is not a necessary part of your cat care routine. A little bit of wax is normal, as it helps protect the ear. However, if you find that your cat has excessive wax, dirt, or debris build-up, you can use a tissue, cotton ball, or a small piece of gauze to clean the ear. Making sure your cat’s ears are clean is a good way to prevent infections.

What Are the Best Supplements for Cats?

The best supplement(s) for your cat will depend on his or her age and any health concerns he or she may have. A good multivitamin is an excellent place to start, as is a probiotic to support gut health. You may also want to consider antioxidants and immune support supplements. Next, consider your cat’s medical conditions. Some cats may be lucky enough to have no health issues, but others may benefit from liver, heart, joint, shedding and skin, or kidney and urinary support supplements. Speaking with your veterinarian about any supplements you’re considering is a smart idea, as he or she may have recommendations you hadn’t yet discovered.

How Does AKCRx Pharmacy Handle Cat Prescriptions?

If your cat has been prescribed medication, purchasing it at AKCRx is easy. Just add the item(s) to your online shopping cart and begin the checkout process. You’ll reach a step where we’ll request information about your cat and your veterinarian. Using these details, we’ll reach out to your vet to confirm the prescription, then pack it up and ship it straight to your door - no other action is required on your part! If you’d like to send the prescription via mail, you may do so. We also accept prescriptions directly from veterinarians via email or fax.