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Elastikon Elastic Tape

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Size: 1" x 2.5 yards

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Product Description

Elastikon Elastic Tape is a cotton elastic cloth tape with a rubber-based adhesive that delivers the elasticity required for dynamic pressure dressings. The high-twist tape is sold in individual rolls, so it’s easy to keep what you need on hand.

Who is Elastikon Elastic Tape for?
For use in horses, cats, and dogs.
Why use Elastikon Elastic Tape?
Pourous Elastic Adhesive Tape Allows Skin to Breathe. Conforms to difficult areas.
Johnson & Johnson
How is Elastikon Elastic Tape sold?
Sold as single roll in the following size : 1" x 2.5 yds
How can I store Elastikon Elastic Tape?
Keep in a cool/dry area.