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Natural Farm Beef Tendon 4" - 6"

By Natural Farm
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Count: 6 Ct.

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Product Description
Trusted, Puppy-Safe Purity. Grain and hormone free. Absolutely no chemicals, additives or artificial flavors for quality you can trust. Always sourced from farm-raised, grass-fed cattle, our highly digestible beef chews are packed with protein for your puppy’s joint, teeth and muscle health. Promotes dental health, strong joints & ligaments. Suitable for all sizes of dogs.
Who is Natural Farm Beef Tendon 4" - 6" for?
Why use Natural Farm Beef Tendon 4" - 6"?
Dental Care. Satisfy Dogs Need to Chew. Safe Alternative to Rawhide. Long-lasting treats.
Natural Farm
Active Ingredients(s):
UM (máx) moisture - 7.1% PB (mín) protein - 85.00% MM (máx) ash - 1.5% EE (mín) - fat - 4.5% FB (máx) fiber - 0.6%
How is Natural Farm Beef Tendon 4" - 6" sold?
3 Pack or 6 Pack Stand Pouch
How can I store Natural Farm Beef Tendon 4" - 6"?
Keep in cool, dry place.
Give as a treat to your dog on a daily basis, but please keep in mind that it is considered a treat and should not exceed 10% of the daily calorie intake. Supervise your dog while chewing and remove small pieces to prevent any potential choking hazard. If our products are new to your dog, we recommend a slow introduction to give your dog’s tummy a chance to get used to the new protein. It’s good to start with 10 minutes the first few days and then gradually increase. Our chews are not for human consumption.
Main Ingredients
Beef Tendon