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Urine-off for Dogs and Puppies

By Urine-off
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Size: Gallon

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Product Description
Urine-Off eliminates urine odor at the source, permanently. It also works on urine stains as well as odor, on hard and soft surfaces. Urine-off for Dogs & Puppies works not only on fresh stains/odors, but old ones too (even YEARS old!)
What is Urine-off for Dogs and Puppies?
Veterinary strength Urine Off is formulated to destroy urine, permanently removing urine from all hard and soft surfaces. Dog owners can become frustrated dealing with the smell and damage caused by urine; Urine Off can help pet owners save money and be more patient in dealing with these issues
Who is Urine-off for Dogs and Puppies for?
Dogs and Puppies
Why use Urine-off for Dogs and Puppies?
-Breaks down uric acid salt crystals of pet urine, eliminating trigger for "marking" -Not a perfume or cover-up - actually eliminates 3 major components of pet urine -Safe around pets -High performance bio-enzymatic technology -Specially formulated for pet urine. -Removes surface odors and stains from hardwood, tile, laminate flooring and walls.
How does Urine-off for Dogs and Puppies work?
High performance bio-enzymes break down uric acid salt crystals of pet urine.
Bio-Pro Research
Active Ingredients(s):
How is Urine-off for Dogs and Puppies sold?
500 ml and Gallon bottle
What special precautions are there?
Keep container closed. Keep out of reach of children
How can I store Urine-off for Dogs and Puppies?
Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from extreme heat and cold. Keep from freezing.
General Directions: 16 FL OZ
2. Always check for colorfastness.
3. Remove excess wet urine with paper towel.
4. Do not use with other cleaners.
5. For best results, use a Urine Off® Urine Finder™ Black Light to locate hard to find urine-soiled areas.
6. Use “STREAM” setting to saturate soiled areas with Urine Off®, overlapping the edges of the stain (Urine Off® must contact all urine-soiled areas to remove odor and stain).
7. Allow to air dry.
8. Remove residue using water sparingly and blot with paper towel.