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Regu-Mate Solution Rx

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Product Description
Regu-Mate Solution Indicated to suppress estrus in mares. Regu-Mate Suppression of estrus allows for a predictable occurrence of estrus following drug withdrawal. 1000ml
What is Regu-Mate Solution?
Regu-mate is used to suppress estrus in mares by reducing undesirable behavior and moods during their heat cycle.
Who is Regu-Mate Solution for?
Horses, Mares
Why use Regu-Mate Solution?
- Eliminate hormonal distractions - Reduce undesirable behavior and mood in Mares - Easy to administer
How does Regu-Mate Solution work?
Altrenogest Solution 0.22% produces a progestational effect in mares and surpresses your mare's estrous (heat) cycle.
Merck Animal Health.
Active Ingredients(s):
Each mL contains 2.2 mg/mL altrenogest in an oil solution.
How is Regu-Mate Solution sold?
1 Liter To be used with Regumate Dosing Device
What are the side effects of Regu-Mate Solution?
In 5 percent of mares, the horse will still go into heat. The most common side effect is genitalia increases.
What special precautions are there?
For oral use in horses only. Keep this and all medication out of the reach of children. IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: REGU-MATE® (altrenogest) is contraindicated for use in mares having a previous or current history of uterine inflammation. Pregnant women or women who suspect they are pregnant should not handle REGU-MATE. Women of childbearing age should exercise extreme caution when handling this product. Accidental absorption, such as via direct contract with the skin, could lead to a disruption of the menstrual cycle or prolongation of pregnancy. Vinyl, neoprene, or nitrile gloves must be worn by all persons who handle this product or who come in contact with equipment or surfaces contaminated by this product. For complete safety information please read label.
What to do if overdose?
Contact your nearest emergency animal hospital.
How can I store Regu-Mate Solution?
Store at room temperature
Helpful Tips:
The post treatment response depends on the level of ovarian activity. The mares with greater ovarian activity initiate regular cycles and conceive sooner than the inactive mares.

While wearing protective gloves, remove shipping cap and seal; replace with enclosed plastic dispensing cap. Remove cover from bottle dispensing tip and connect luer lock syringe (without needle). Draw out appropriate volume of Regu-Mate® solution. (Note: Do not remove syringe while bottle is inverted as spillage may result.) Detach syringe and administer solution orally at the rate of 1mL per 110 pounds body weight (0.044 mg/kg) once daily for 15 consecutive days. Administer solution directly on the base of the mare’s tongue or on the mare’s usual grain ration. Replace cover on bottle dispensing tip to prevent leakage. Excessive use of a syringe may cause the syringe to stick; therefore, replace syringe as necessary.

Regu-Mate Dosing Device 


The Regu-Mate equine dosing device lets you accurately administer Regu-Mate with minimal handling. Apply either at the base of the mare’s tongue or directly on her grain.

Regumate Dosage Chart

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Main Ingredients
Regu-Mate (altrenogest) Solution 0.22% contains the active synthetic progestin, altrenogest. The chemical name is 17α-allyl-17ß-hydroxyestra- 4,9,11-trien-3-one.