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Pet Wellbeing Throat Gold for Dogs and Cats

By Pet Wellbeing
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Product Description

Pet Wellbeing Throat Gold supports the upper respiratory tract of cats and dogs with a holistic formula made with quality herbal ingredients. The veterinarian-developed formula boosts the immunity of tissues in the throat and demulcents work to soothe irritation and coughing. Throat Gold also helps your pet fight off infection and eases hoarseness and other throat issues, even hoarseness caused by leash strain. Throat Gold provides upper respiratory support to pets when traveling, are exposed to cigarette smoke, or staying in kennels. Help your pet maintain upper respiratory health with Pet Wellbeing Throat Gold.

Who is Pet Wellbeing Throat Gold for Dogs and Cats for?
Dogs and Cats
Why use Pet Wellbeing Throat Gold for Dogs and Cats?
Throat Gold supports the immune response in the upper respiratory tract and reduces coughing and hoarseness. The supplement is gentle enough to use for persistent coughs.
How does Pet Wellbeing Throat Gold for Dogs and Cats work?
Pet Wellbeing Throat Gold’s vet-developed formula contains demulcents, which are high in mucilage content that help to alleviate throat inflammation and cough.
Pet Wellbeing
How is Pet Wellbeing Throat Gold for Dogs and Cats sold?
2 oz or 4 oz bottle.
What special precautions are there?
Use With Caution Not for use in pregnant animals. If condition worsens or does not improve, stop use and consult your veterinarian. For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children and animals.
What to do if overdose?
Contact your vet or nearest emergency animal hospital.
How can I store Pet Wellbeing Throat Gold for Dogs and Cats?
Keep in a cool/dry place.

Administer orally twice per day.

Give one drop per 2 lbs. of body weight.

For best results, reduce pet’s exposure to smoke, dust, cold, stress, and poorly ventilated areas.

Main Ingredients
Throat Gold is Formulated With: Slippery Elm bark (Ulmus fulva): The bark of the Slippery Elm tree contains high amounts of mucilage and is used for soothing the mucous membranes of the throat. Commonly used for cough and phlegm, it helps to soothe the throat. Mullein leaf (Verbascum spp.): Mullein provides support to the lungs and throat. The leaves of Mullein contain mucilage, an important herbal component for breaking up mucous and soothing irritation in the throat. Usnea thallus (Usnea barbata): Usnea, also called "Old Man's Beard", supports immunity and works particularly well for immunity of the throat tissues. Appropriate for bacterial and viral conditions. Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra): One of the most widely used herbs, Licorice root supports the immune system while also providing direct soothing properties for the throat and lungs. ... 423 mg/ml total Herbs are certified organic, ethically wild-harvested or selectively imported. Inactive Ingredients: Deionzed water Natural bacon flavor Vegetable glycerin