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Miconosol Spray 1% Rx

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Product Description
Miconosol Spray 1% (Miconazole Nitrate) is a synthetic antifungal agent for use in dogs and cats. It contains: 1.15% miconazole nitrate (equivalent to 1% miconazole base by weight), polyethylene glycol 400, and ethyl alcohol 55%.
What is Miconosol Spray 1%?
Miconosol (Miconazole Nitrate) Spray is used for the treatment of fungal infections in dogs and cats caused by Microsporum canis, Microsporum gypsum and Trichophyton mentagrophytes.
Who is Miconosol Spray 1% for?
Dogs and Cats
Why use Miconosol Spray 1%?
- Easy to apply - Effective for treating fungal infections such as ringworm
How does Miconosol Spray 1% work?
Miconazole, an antifungal agent applied to the skin, will clear fungal infections. Most infections caused by Microsporum canis, Microsporum gypsum and Trichophyton mentagrophytes will clear up within two weeks.
Active Ingredients(s):
Miconazole nitrate Polyethylene Glycol Ethyl Alcohol
How is Miconosol Spray 1% sold?
120ml 240ml
What are the side effects of Miconosol Spray 1%?
Serious side effects off Miconazole are not expected. Stop using Miconazole and have your pet examined by the veterinarian if the pet experiences unusual or severe blistering, itching, redness, peeling, dryness, or irritation of the skin. Side effects other than those listed may occur. Talk to your veterinarian about any side effect that seems unusual or bothersome to the animal.
What to do if overdose?
In case of overdose contact your nearest pet hospital
How can I store Miconosol Spray 1%?
Store in a cool dry place
Use as directed by your veterinarian
Main Ingredients
Miconazole nitrate Polyethylene Glycol Ethyl Alcohol