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Metoprolol XL 25 mg Tablet Rx

By Watson Pharmaceuticals
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Product Description
Metoprolol is used alone or in combination with other medications to treat high blood pressure. It also is used to prevent angina (chest pain) and to treat heart attacks. *Sold per tablet.
What is Metoprolol XL 25 mg Tablet?
Metoprolol is used to treat high blood pressure.
Who is Metoprolol XL 25 mg Tablet for?
Dogs and Cats
Why use Metoprolol XL 25 mg Tablet?
-Used to prevent angina. -Used to treat heart attacks
How does Metoprolol XL 25 mg Tablet work?
Metoprolol XL works by slowing the heart rate and relaxing the blood vessels so the heart does not have to pump as hard.
Watson Pharmaceuticals
Active Ingredients(s):
How is Metoprolol XL 25 mg Tablet sold?
25 mg Tablets
What are the side effects of Metoprolol XL 25 mg Tablet?
While generally safe and effective when prescribed by a veterinarian, metoprolol can cause side effects in some animals. Metoprolol should not be used in animals with known hypersensitivity or allergy to the drug. Metoprolol may cause some animals to become weak due to a slow heart rate or low blood pressure. Rarely, a pet may faint. Metoprolol should be used with caution in animals with congestive heart failure. Metoprolol may interact with other medications. Consult with your veterinarian to determine if other drugs your pet is receiving could interact with metoprolol. Such drugs include furosemide, insulin and calcium channel blockers. If a pet collapses while receiving metoprolol tartrate, contact a veterinarian immediately.
What to do if overdose?
In case of overdose contact your nearest pet hospital
How can I store Metoprolol XL 25 mg Tablet?
Store in a cool dry place
Use as directed by your veterinarian
Main Ingredients