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Drontal Plus Rx

By Drontal
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Product Description
Drontal plus for dogs is a broad spectrum dewormer available for your dogs. Drontal Plus eliminates all common potentially harmful intestinal worms in your dog. Drontal Plus for dogs eradicates all common canine intestinal worms such as hookworms, roundworms, whipworms and tapeworms. Sold as individual tablets in strengths of 22.7 mg, 68 mg and 136 mg.
What is Drontal Plus?
Drontal Plus is a broad spectrum dewormer for dogs used to treat tapeworms, hookworms and whipworms.
Who is Drontal Plus for?
Why use Drontal Plus?
-Can be used safely on puppies from three weeks of age and 2lbs in weight. -A single dose of Drontal Plus is effective in treating tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms +
Active Ingredients(s):
praziquantel/pyrantel pamoate/febantel
How is Drontal Plus sold?
Sold as Individual Tablets in Strengths of :: 22.7mg 68mg 136mg
What are the side effects of Drontal Plus?
No known side effects
What special precautions are there?
Keep out of reach of children and animals. DO NOT USE IN PREGNANT ANIMALS. Dogs treated with elevated levels (6 consecutive days with 3 times the labeled dosage rate) of the combination of febantel and praziquantel in early pregnancy demonstrated an increased incidence of abortion and fetal abnormalities.8 The effects of Drontal Plus Anthelmintic Tablets on pregnant animals have not been determined. Precautions : Strict hygienic precautions should be taken when handling dogs or feces suspected of harboring E. multilocularis. Infected dogs treated for the first time with Drontal® Plus Taste Tabs® Tablets and dogs treated at intervals greater than 28 days may shed eggs in the feces after treatment. The animal should be held in the clinic during this interval and all feces should be incinerated or autoclaved. If these procedures are not possible, the eggs can be destroyed by soaking the feces in a sodium hypochlorite (bleach) solution of 3.75% or greater.7 All areas where the animal was maintained or in contact with should be thoroughly cleaned with sodium hypochlorite and allowed to dry completely before reuse.
What to do if overdose?
In case of overdose contact your nearest pet hospital
How can I store Drontal Plus?
Store in a cool dry place
Drontal® Plus Tablets for Puppies and Small Dogs (2-25 lbs) (22.7 mg)
Body Weight (lb) / No. of tablets
2-4  / ½
5-7  / 1
8-12 /
13-18 / 2
19-25 /

Drontal® Plus Tablets for Medium-Sized Dogs (26-60 lbs) (68 mg)
Body Weight (lb)  /  No. of tablets
26-30 / 1
31-44 /
45-60 / 2

Drontal® Plus Tablets for Large-Sized Dogs (45 lbs and greater) (136 mg)
Body Weight (lb)  /  No. of tablets
45-60 / 1
61-90 /
91-120 / 2
Main Ingredients
praziquantel/pyrantel pamoate/febantel