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Cydectin Pour-On Gun

By Cydectin
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Product Description
Cydectin Pou-On Gun is for the accurate measurement and administration of liquid dewormers, medicines and supplements for livestock. Easily adjusts from 10 ml to 70 ml in 2.5 ml increments.

(* Cydectin Pou-On Gun is specially made for use with Cydectin Pour-On 2.5 litre #50978-3 and 5 litre #50978-4 sold separately #50978)
What is Cydectin Pour-On Gun?
For applying accurate dosing of liquid dewormers, medicines or supplements to livestock.
Who is Cydectin Pour-On Gun for?
Why use Cydectin Pour-On Gun?
-Accurate -Easy to Adjust -Easy to Maintain
How does Cydectin Pour-On Gun work?
Cydectin Pour-On Gun adjusts from 10 ml to 70 ml in 2.5 ml increments. Clear poly barrel is marked with proper pour-on cattle wormer dosage up to 1430 lbs in a single pull
Fort Dodge Animal Health
How is Cydectin Pour-On Gun sold?
(1) Pour-On Gun 70 ml, plus pour on nozzle and 4' of draw tubing
What special precautions are there?
Keep away from children
What to do if overdose?
Contact your nearest animal hospital
How can I store Cydectin Pour-On Gun?
Keep in a cool/dry place
Adjust to needed size (ml), insert tubing into dewormer/medicine and begin pulling until cup fills up, then administer dose. 
Main Ingredients
(1) Pour-On Gun, plus pour on nozzle and 4' of tubing