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Chomp'ems PureHide Sticks, 8.5oz

By Chomp'ems
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Product Description

Give your dog a long-lasting treat he’ll love and that provides important benefits, such as supporting muscle growth and reducing plaque and tartar for healthy teeth and gums. Most importantly, the beef hide chews are slow roasted to lock in natural flavor your dog can’t resist!

Who is Chomp'ems PureHide Sticks, 8.5oz for?
Why use Chomp'ems PureHide Sticks, 8.5oz?
The beef hide chews feature a long-lasting chew and a bacon flavor dogs can’t resist. The high protein treats support healthy muscles, and the PureHide sticks remove plaque and tartar with every chew.
How is Chomp'ems PureHide Sticks, 8.5oz sold?
8.5 oz
What special precautions are there?
Keep out of reach of children.
How can I store Chomp'ems PureHide Sticks, 8.5oz?
Store in a dry area at cool room temperature.

Offer Chomp ‘Em PureHide Sticks as a treat. For safety, supervise your pet as he enjoys his treat.

Main Ingredients
Beefhide, Bacon Flavor