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CET Pet Toothbrush

By C.E.T. Dental
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Product Description
CET Pet Toothbrush helps provide proper pet dental care and prevents periodontal disease which affects 85% of adult dogs and cats. Soft bristles increase pet comfort and acceptance.
What is CET Pet Toothbrush?
CET Pet Toothbrush helps provide proper pet dental care for your pet.
Who is CET Pet Toothbrush for?
Dogs & Cats
Why use CET Pet Toothbrush?
-Help keep your pets teeth clean -Provides fresh breath -Minimizes plaque build up
How does CET Pet Toothbrush work?
Regular use helps minimize plaque buildup and keeps your pets teeth and gums stay healthy.
Virbac Animal Health
How is CET Pet Toothbrush sold?
1 toothbrush per pack
What are the side effects of CET Pet Toothbrush?
No known side effects
What special precautions are there?
Keep away from children and pets
How can I store CET Pet Toothbrush?
Keep in a cool, dry place
Helpful Tips:
Use regularly for best results