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Cavalor Take it Easy Forte, 6x60 cc

By Cavalor
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Product Description
Cavalor Take It Easy Forte relieves stress in horses naturally with a blend of essential oils. It reduces stress factors while supporting concentration, making this ideal for horses who need to stay calmer in competition. The extra-strong supplement comes in paste form, is easy-to-administer, and works quickly.
Who is Cavalor Take it Easy Forte, 6x60 cc for?
Why use Cavalor Take it Easy Forte, 6x60 cc?
Use in situations wehre the horse may behave unpredictably
How does Cavalor Take it Easy Forte, 6x60 cc work?
It gives your horse a relatively high dose of tryptophan with calming essential oils that will give quick results.
How is Cavalor Take it Easy Forte, 6x60 cc sold?
Pack of 6 - 60cc Paste Syringes
Directions : Depending on the level of stress from 1/3 syringe up to 2 syringes 24 hours before the stress situation. Optimum results : 1/3 syringe evening before, 1/3 syringe in the morning and 1/3 syringe before hour of stressful situation.  
Main Ingredients
crude protein, crude fat, crude ash, crude fiber, phosphorous, sodium, magnesium, calcium